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 Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar

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Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar Empty
PostSubject: Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar   Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 10:13 pm

The Arglaecar ( Ar-gla-e-car )

The Arglaecar are a sub-race of the demons that were released upon the world after Silas used the Geo Physical energy, causing the disruption throughout multiple dimensions and creating the rifts which allowed passage through to the Earth.

Unlike most demons, the Arglaecar don’t have any greater abilities, like incredible strength, being able to go into minds in attempt to take over the body for own use, amazing speed. Nothing as fanciful as such things do they possess. The survival of this race therefore seems rather impressive. The true power of the Arglaecar lies in their great intelligence.
With swiftly observing they can quickly spot an enemy’s weakness and use it to their advantage, but obviously not in a head-on combat. The Arglaecar prefer to use traps and ranged to make work of their enemies, but only if they aren’t given time to run. The Arglaecar don’t ever wish to fight as they know there is a high chance that they will lose. Their intelligence makes up for it though as they can use it to craft incredible crafts or use it to negotiate with others to ensure their own safety.

Their eyes are optimized to being able to recognize the things like weaknesses or facial expression much better and quicker than anyone else possibly can. On the contrary to this, stands the fact that their sense of smell is barely present and they have no taste buds.

Even though they might seem un-demon-like due to their high amount of weaknesses and low amount of strengths, nothing is less true. The Arglaecar are masters of persuasion, desire and deceit. They will acknowledge what one wants and offer it to them, to in return only stab them in their backs and get away with it. Although this isn’t as easy as it sounds due to the fact that their appearance still resembles those of a demon, due to which many beings resent them and don’t go in on their proposals.

What most don’t know about the Arglaecar, is, that their wounds heal rapidly. A minor cut would heal in a matter of seconds, where a large wound would only need a few minutes to fully recover. This doesn’t mean that they are immortal or un-killable though, you just need to know what parts of their body to destroy, which in their case would be the brain. However, mere decapitation won’t suffice. Destruction of the brain itself is needed to kill them, be it by crushing it with brute force, or slicing it apart with weaponry.

The Arglaecar have a rather short lifespan. The average Arglaecar will only live up to 52-58 human years. The eldest Arglaecar that has ever been was 63 years. To make up for this short lifespan, the Arglaecar have somewhere between 6-14 younglings per ‘birth’ and they age much faster in the first period of their lifetime, growing from a newborn to a fully-fledged adult in less than two years.
Being such a physically weak kind, they are also easy prey for a lot of the more substantial demons roaming the world. From the large birth number usually only 2-4 survive. The Arglaecar are slowly moving to extinction and they realize this, which is why now, more than ever, they are using their sleek skills to make an insurance of their own survival.

Arglaecar Advantages:

- Greater brain ( intellect ) capacity.
- Persuasive and deceitful.
- Increased eyesight.
- Wounds heal much faster than normal.

Arglaecar Disadvantages:

- Weak physical build.
- Frightening sight for most.
- Short lifespan.
- Low survival-rate at birth.
- Bad sense of smell.
- No taste buds.

This is what I came up with for a possible race design that can be implemented somewhere. If you have any feedback or comments on it, I'll glady read through them.

~Bird out.
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Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar Empty
PostSubject: :)   Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 10:23 pm

Looks good to me Smile
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Race proposal ~ The Arglaecar
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