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Some of the strange being who came to earth through the rifts were primal creatures and were quickly wiped out. Other however were advanced and thrived for a time. Most were wiped out when the demons came, but fragments of thier culture remain...

Alien Transportation:
One such race had harnessed magnetic energy to power most of their civilization. Shortly after arriving on earth through a rift they designed and built a transporter that could carry their troops, by "riding" on the magnetic energy waves that were resonating over the earth after the cataclysm. After the waves stopped, the transporter was useless and any manufacturing buildings, or transport docks were abandoned.

Building opportunities:
*Transport Manufacturing Plants
*Crashed Transport's
*Abandoned Landing Docks

Robotic Scout Production:
The demons had to scout out new worlds before sending in a horde (Large Tribe of around 15,000+) originally they sent in lone demon scouts. But eventually captured an old robo-co facility and began to mass-produce "Ghast" model drones. These drones are sent in to asses the nature of any civilization living on the new planet, before invading.

Much More to Come!

Building opportunities:
*Drone Production Facility [High Profile Target For Human Resistance]

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Location, Location, Location
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