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 ::The Remnants of the Bionic Isles::

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::The Remnants of  the Bionic Isles:: Empty
PostSubject: ::The Remnants of the Bionic Isles::   ::The Remnants of  the Bionic Isles:: EmptyFri Aug 19, 2011 8:12 pm

Nice to see you all again. Sincerely Bishop1996

::The Remnants of the Bionic Isles::

Also known as the outcast of scraps from the homelands they once called there own. The Remnants are a group of roving mechanical beings, brought to the lands by the revolt of the Bionic Isles. The revolt began late into the months of winter during the mild nights that would come to the Bionic Isles every now and then. The people could see the world and looked at it as a canvas, as a blank slate for them to fill with such creations of there own. They built thousands beyond thousands of machines and devices all to aid in the work of living in the Bionic Isles. This would bring immigration in mass loads hearing of the new lands where life was made easier thanks to the workers witch would bring in enough “Telens” (Also known as bullet shells witch are used as currency in the Bionic isles) that they could begin purchasing the land. A man by the name of Stellek Tarrnel as the main producer of manufactured goods such as bionic limbs, pressurized guns, and robots witch he used to defend his new island in witch he owned. He held the land with an iron fist, commanding the people of the lands, not allowing them to leave, own land, or work without designated jobs.

The residents of the isles where punished for speaking down about the new “Overlord” they had to worship him much like he was a god looking down on the people who where made just to serve him. This went on for years, and years the freedom taken away from these people. They where no longer humans….. Or what they believed to call themselves if of another race or ethnicity. They where followers, workers, slaves. Whatever they wanted to be labeled as, it was no matter to Stellek.

A group of revolutionaries began forming from the groups of oppressed citizens. Many calling themselves “Freedom Maphias” or simply “The Order of Past Times.” These underground societies would do anything in there power to bring down the new ruler that would keep there rights as living beings aside for his own success and power. They staged a demonstration late one day, the high adviser of Stellek himself was strung by a rope in the square, the words of “The Great Freedom” who was the man leading the revolts, bearing a mask on his face of a smirking expression can still be heard by the eldest of The Remnants who remember the day.

“Your actions have desecrated upon the very rights and freedoms that we have earned as citizens of the Bionic Isles. Your crimes have been charged as treason against the kind that was once your own. Your crimes have been deemed unforgivable by the system of justice…… We sentence you to death by hanging. May this day mark the beginning of the end for you, and all others like you. May it be written in our history that this is our legacy and our final hour of being slaves to a tyrant. May your death be swift for we wish to see the likes of you no longer…. Pull.” He said and the door beneath the high adviser opened swiftly and he dropped down with a lout snapping of his spine. At that moment all was silent not a word was spoken, not a noise was made.

The entire island was nearly split down the middle, one side following “The Great Freedom” and the other lead by Stellek. Wars fought on for days on end on the boarders, of the two territories over land and resource witch was being used to create more and more weapons of hate. The entire choice of reason and peace was out of question, only the fighting and machines of war made sense.

As the rebels began to win the war, pushing the forces of Stellek back to the capital city. When they had reached it, Stellek himself was confronted with The Great Freedom face to mask, and he simply said. “You can go ahead and take me down, my forces and my island” He said taking out a small detonator. “But you will never stop this with your lives, you cant win, and you never will.” The Great Freedom watched him for a moment and simply nodded, when he spoke it was digital and generic as if a computer had been speaking for him. “What you say may be correct and I would not doubt that you would take your own life to take your island with you, but behind this mask is an idea Stellek. It’s the idea of freedom of all living beings, that the evil can change and that the good will prevail no matter what is put in front f it. That if you are to kill us, the island, me, yourself…. Anyone, you will still lose Stellek, and you know it in your heart to be true. I have tried to show you before and I will not stop trying until someone gets the message, behind this mask is no flesh, or machine.” He said as he removed the mask from his face, the metallic features of his face exposed and the glass dome on his head containing a brain of a once known The Great Freedom. “Only an idea remains when you strip away the body. And an idea can not be killed…. Only delayed” He said and a shot fired The Great Freedom’s robe separating, his robotic body exposed and in his chest bore a gun barrel sending a bullet through Stellek’s neck. As he fell his finger let loose from the detonator and the timer started. The Great Freedom held up his hand as a ladder fell down and he took a hold of it, the gyrocopter above it starting to take off taking him with it. The sirens started to sound as the rebels started to board the emergency copters and boats heading off from the island, The Great Freedom looking down at the island from the copter’s ladder his robotic face expressionless and void, but on the inside, he was smiling to himself laughing. “Finally free….”
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::The Remnants of  the Bionic Isles:: Empty
PostSubject: Re: ::The Remnants of the Bionic Isles::   ::The Remnants of  the Bionic Isles:: EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 10:42 am

It's great to hear from you. I don't have much time right now, but i definitely want to read this Very Happy
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::The Remnants of the Bionic Isles::
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