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 New Race Proposal: Enfeil

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PostSubject: New Race Proposal: Enfeil   New Race Proposal: Enfeil EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 1:13 pm

In an infinitely expanding universe, anything is possible. In infinite infinite universes, this takes on a whole new meaning. And from this probability, the Enfeil arose. Standing six to eight feet tall at their fully mature state, these cold-blooded reptilians hail from an almost parallel universe. A crest adorning their yellow bodies, and three clawed fingers, with a thumb, on the end of their arms. Somewhere along the line of the development of the earth, the cataclysm that ended the age of the dinosaurs never happened. However, due to environmental changes, the size of the inhabitants of this alternate earth had to downscale. The massive dinosaurs roaming the plains, forests, and whole world died out, to be replaced by smaller reptiles that were more adaptable. And, billions of years later, the Enfeil emerged, their designed and tempered through the fire of intense predation.
Soon after their race's existence became solidified, they grew together, into groups. As their medicines and weapons, and farming technology grew better, these groups grew larger. Soon, great cities had sprung up, filled with thousands of these strange reptiles. But, as more groups showed up, more strain was put upon the available resources. Of course this led to fighting, and greater weapon advances.
Weapon technology was racing along like a wildfire, going towards it's inevitable termination, nuclear war. However, just months away from the development of nuclear power, a great plague swept across the world, annihilating all but 20% of the population of this parallel Earth. The only Enfeil that survived were hardier than their forebears, and curiously enough, multicolored. Their crests glowed with new power, as they began to contact each other through telepathy. No language barrier could stop this, even between the animals of the world. Imperceptively, the disease had altered their DNA, regardless of weather they suffered it's ill effects or not.
After this holocaust by disease, the Enfeil never regained their hold on the world. Scattered tribes roamed their savage Earth, and warred with eachother. Fighting more savage than anything the world had seen before raged, and this served to toughen up the survivors ever more. Entire tribes decimated, or enslaved, all this served to make them the toughest race on the planet. Their multilanguage telepathy served them only in roaring curses as they ran their enemies through.
So, when the rifts opened, and Enfeil began disappearing, this was seen as nothing but an advantage for the remaining tribes. However, the Enfeil, separated from their tribes, lost and confused in a strange, war torn and desolate parallel Earth, lived as well as they could. So when the revolutionary fighting began, they naturally joined, fighting being one of the only things they know.
An example of an Enfeil's story!
The clash of metal. The telepathic screams of death. Deep orange blood sprayed, bodies fell.
Ehn'kell dispatched his latest enemy with a spray of blood. He rushed into combat with another, and quickly rended him in two with his massive serrated sword. A veteran of hundreds of battles, there were few more skilled in the art of fighting than him. After six hours of fighting, the battle was over. Ehn'kell's tribe was victorious. The opposing tribe was destroyed, their survivors enslaved for work in the fields. As Ehn'kell went to his home, and sat on his meditating mat, he felt a tingle on his crest. He shot up to his feet moments before a rift opened behind him and pulled him through. The blackness of unconsciousness engulfed him.
When he woke up, he was in a cage. Strange, fleshy, pinkish things surrounded him. He unleashed a telepathic roar. They clapped their hands over their ears in surprise, without realizing that this was inside their minds.
LET ME FREE FROM HERE, PATHETIC FLESHLINGS! He roared. None of the small pink creatures obliged, although some cowered.
"If you act violently towards us, we put you down, got it?" One of them said, taller than the rest, with deep brown hair.
I oblige to your pathetic whims, fleshling. Let me out of this cage. Now. The small human obliged, opening the cage. Ehn'Kell clambered out, and stretched to his full height of nine feet (A giant of his race.)
"All right. We need you to-" the strange fleshy creature was interrupted as Ehn'Kell's hand clamped around his cranium and lifted him.
You will return me to my tribe, and in return I won't crush you.
"AAGH! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! GRAAAH! WE FOUND YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WASTELAND!" The human kept screaming as Ehn'kell dug his claws into it's cranium in contemplation.
Hmmm... So you did not take me? The... rift... was not your doing?
"AGHHH NO! Please don't kill me!" He whimpered.
Well, I have never seen anything like you fleshlings before... And nothing like that rift. So I guess you could be telling the truth. I won't kill you, for that reason. At this Ehn'kell dropped the human, who crumpled into the fetal position, clutching his wounded, bleeding cranium. What about the rest of you? What is it that you want from me?
One of them stepped forward. He was obviously terrified. "We... we are fighting a revolution. We need help. Can you help us? P-please?"
Ehn'kell's crest shifted to a deep green in what would be a smile for his race. Yes, I will help you. In return you will bring me meat, and any more of my kind you find. Also, I require a blade.
"We found this on you when we retrieved you." The same one presented his giant serrated blade. Ehn'kell's crest flushed an even deeper green as he took the blade up.
Where do you want me to go?
"Outside the door, up the stairs on the right." The human answered.
Much glory to you fleshlings, and may you see tomorrow. Ehn'kell said as he walked out, leaving the awestruck and terrified humans behind.
Racial Overview
6-8 feet tall
Multicolored, scaled beings. (see imgur link.)
Very warlike, and self-sufficient. Will most likely know to fight, and build basic structures. Due to their large size, and low manual dexterity, however, they are unable to build smaller, more refined structures, or farm. They are technically able to read and write, though they never developed a written language, due to the fact that they can get literally any idea they have to one another through telepathy. They could mine, though they view this task as below them, as work for the slaves they have captured from other tribes. Any other questions, please leave in the comments.
Telepathic- Can only speak through vocal means, not electronic means. That means no radio and such.
If they don't get killed they can live to be hundreds of years old, however due to their warlike nature, they usually die at about 20 years of age. They reach their full maturity and height at seven years of age.
Also, note: Telepathy is not a goddamn weapon! Don't treat it like one! It's simply a means of overcoming a language barrier! Kind of like a deus ex machina from me because that was the easiest route! No "Well I blow up his mind with my telikpathec powas lululululululu" It's a communication tool! If you want to inflict violence on someone with this race you have to do it the old fashioned way, with something pointy!
Yellow and green colors. They can, however, be of any color that you can imagine. Also, these are just examples that I made. Feel free to design your own!
http: ://
Remove that space there so you can get to the link. I'm not allowed to post external links, being a new user, so that throws a wrench in my design.
Once again, If you have questions, post 'em and i'll answer 'em as best I can.
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PostSubject: Re: New Race Proposal: Enfeil   New Race Proposal: Enfeil EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 1:35 pm

Oh, can I propose more than one race? I have nothing to do today, and a bunch of races that I can't implement into my DnD campaign for various reasons.
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PostSubject: Re: New Race Proposal: Enfeil   New Race Proposal: Enfeil EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 1:38 pm

Oh yeah, and they're carnivores. No bread or bunny food here!
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PostSubject: Re: New Race Proposal: Enfeil   New Race Proposal: Enfeil EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 9:12 am

As long as you put lots of thought into the Races and good detail i see no reason why you can't design more that one race. However they may not all get accepted. But feel free to post your ideas there all welcome.
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New Race Proposal: Enfeil Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Race Proposal: Enfeil   New Race Proposal: Enfeil EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 4:02 pm

Fun stuff.
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New Race Proposal: Enfeil Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Race Proposal: Enfeil   New Race Proposal: Enfeil Empty

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New Race Proposal: Enfeil
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