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 New Race Proposal: Kohustosun

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New Race Proposal: Kohustosun  Empty
PostSubject: New Race Proposal: Kohustosun    New Race Proposal: Kohustosun  EmptySun Sep 11, 2011 6:31 pm

On some planets, the development of intelligent species takes a different path. Where the humans value intelligence, and individuality, and the aspects of freedom, the Kohustosun came through in a different manner. While the humans were overthrowing monarchies and dictatorships, the Kohustosun were happily loyal- to an unbelievable degree.
Kohustosuns reproduced at an unbelievable rate, and eventually the planet was covered in these strange bipedal creatures.
At some point in their development, great kingships rose, and dominated their planet. Through a series of intelligent propaganda, their peoples were fooled into loyalty. Loyalty was taught in school, praised at home, and propagandized through their media. Not a single moment was away from this. Eventually nobody even thought of revolution, and the world became better- in a way. Things got done, everything went smoothly, everyone was happy, and those that weren't were never heard from again.
Then the great wars started. Minor disagreements between the three kingdoms escalated. And then war began. Over the years, it became more and more bloody, and more and more lives were lost. Of course, with the rate at which they were reproducing, these casualties were nothing, and with the zealotry bred into them, nobody questioned that this was the right path.
In the middle (Or at least in a part at which the war had no ending in sight) is where we find the tale of the Flying Death, the West Kingdom's prize airship, on a warpath into the enemy's territory.
The captain's voice came over the intercom. "We are here to defend the kings lands! Hurrah!" An echo of cheers went through the floating ship. "We are approaching the dastardly bastards from the East now! Prepare yourselves for a battle!" At this another cheer went through the ship. The crew were ready to fight.
As they got to the other ship, a small supply frigate, probably civilian, they raised a flag of surrender. Again the captain's voice went through the ship. "They try to surrender! Show them no mercy!"
As the two ships came parallel to each other, the Flying Death's crew jumped from their ship onto the other, brandishing axes and swords. The small civilian frigate's crew was slaughtered in minutes, and the ship was lit aflame. The Flying Death was miles away before the civilian frigate smashed into the ground and shattered.
That night, the captain, Lojaalsus, called his king. The connection finished up, and the image of the king appeared to him on his console. "Flying Death reporting enemy casualties today, sir!"
The monarch smiled. "Alright then, how many of those bastards have you killed?"
Lojaalsus began to list. "Six civilian supply frigates, two military galleons, and a single flagship, sir!
"Very good. You will be my second in command soon at this rate!" At this Lojaalsus beamed. "Now I must go. Goodnight." His king's image disappeared, and the captain decided he would give the crew another announcement before he went to sleep.
"The king himself commends us today! Good work, all of you! And tomorrow, may we do it all over again!" The captain walked to his bed and fell asleep quickly, contented with his life.

He awoke to the sound of his King's voice. He looked at his console, and saw the image of his king, except far away, and some strange man talking to him.
"-And it is time for you to die, and for your subjects' release."
"My subjects' release? What a silly prospect. Those people are sheep, not aware of anything beyond the tip of their faces! Nothing will release them, not one death, not a thousand!" A cackle, here, "How was your... president, you are calling him... so naive as to think that?" Another laugh. "It doesn't matter that your system works better, my people don't know that! And they never will, because I will never tell them, and you won't escape this room." Lojaalsus was at his console, staring into it now, dumbfounded by a side of the king he'd never seen.
"Then won't you release the people out of care for the people?" The assassin asked.
"I don't give a damn about those fools!" The king laughed. Just then Lojaalsus noticed something about the assassin- he was unarmed. "And now, it is your time to die, assassin." The king drew a sword, and ran his pseudo-assailant through. Just then he noticed that his console was on, and that he was projecting. His eyes widened, and with a curse, he smashed it. Lojaalsus' picture fizzled out. He sat down, and blinked at what he had seen.

The next morning, he called in his crew one by one, and showed them what he had seen. They all had the same reaction. Anger. Anger and hate. Just furiously loyal as they had been was reversed into hate. None remained loyal to the king. That day, they all swore themselves into piracy.

Hours later, they decided to attack the King's ships, as pirates. But just as they were approaching, a great, horrible wrenching sound tore the air. And before they could react, the entire ship was pulled through. As they looked around, it was obvious they were on an entirely different planet. All of their location devices had spazzed out momentarily before slowing down into a simply nonfunctional state. They cut the speed on the ship and sat, while the captain sat, and thought about what to do next.

After hours, he decided to pump his radio signal, (only ones of his race, with his type of radio could pick up on this signal) and play the recording of the king's conversation continuously, so that anyone else who might come through would pick up the signal, and come to his ship where he could give them further directions. Simultaneously, he scheduled a meeting with some other creatures he had heard through the radio- they called themselves humans.

Racial Specs:
Intensely loyal. In the absence of a king, or president, or captain, or what have you, their loyalty may be turned to other people, and other uses.
5-7 feet tall.
Most are trained to fight.
Pincers give them better grip, and harder fists, for harder punching. Also, they can cut things with these pincers.
Higher level of technology.
They have their own airship. It's stationary, but still, that's pretty cool.
Less patience means they pretty much suck at farming.
Pincers. There isn't much delicacy there. That means tinkering with computers not of their own is a no-go.
They are pretty horrifying to look at.
Aggression is kind of their thing, so negotiation is hard.

About six foot tall. Pincers instead of hands. A large mouth dominates their "chest" Two large eyes adorn their heads, where their brain is. Two legs.
See example below.
(This is what I imagined Lojaalsus to look like)
h t t p : / /

El ship!
This is what the ship looks like (Right now, it may change pending on my interest in the whole thing.)
h t t p : / /
Note: The pictures of an airship are the airship. The pictures of the person are an example of the race's looks. Also, to get to the imgur link, remove the spaces.

Note2: This is the second to last race ima propose, to those of you who are like "man this guy is old."
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New Race Proposal: Kohustosun
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