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 Tunnlers (mitakya)

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PostSubject: Tunnlers (mitakya)   Tunnlers (mitakya) EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 10:38 am

A small start to a race concept I have been toying with. More will be added soon and tell me if your thoughts so I can make it better.

Tunnlers (mitakya)
The Mitakya, more commonly known as tunnlers, are an evolution of humans. When the rift open the the extraplanar creatures captured many human slaves. The Slaves did not become food stock were modified to better serve their masters. Tunnlers were born because of this. Their Genetics were modified to make them the perfect underground miners. Claws that can shred most minerals, perfect nightvision, The ability to tell how far underground they were to the inch, and spiderlike climbing abilities. The Tunnlers eventually concocted a plan to escape. Tunnels were secretly carved into the fortress of their masters. One night they swarmed into the inner chambers and slaughtered their elfrentie masters. Before the elfrentie could materialize the mitakya fled into their hidden tunnels. Over the next 500 years they flourished beneath the notice of most of the other denizens of the new earth. They spread their influence and formed massive cities carved into the depths. Other dwellers of the deep soon became a menace however so the mitakya have been sundered and most villages rarely talk to others outside annual trade and some refugees.

Language -
The Mitakya came from all sorts of human stock. Naturally the multiracial group needed some way to communicate. They soon developed a pseudo language based on words and phrases from the 20 or so languages spoken by the original group. Some words were borrowed from the tongues of other denizens of the underdark. The language is called karetyc (Kar-e-tise) which translated literally to earth tongue but has been loosely used as tongue of the earth. The modern form of Karetyc uses bastardized words and sounds from almost every language with a few entirely new words thrown into the mix. Because of the context and subtle changes in the word one cannot simply speak a bunch of languages and expect to understand the mitakya but must learn their unique language.


-Mitakya's skin gives almost no protection from the sun and they burn very quickly in sunlight.
-Bright light blinds them due to the hyper sensitivity of their eyes
-loud noises also hurt because of how sensitive their ears are
-Don't need tools to mine because of enhanced claws
-Naturally have agoraphobia
-Are completely attuned to underground life and can often detect the presence of veins just by the smell and taste of the rock around them

-usually either hairless or thin pale hair
-extremely pale eyes
-completely black eyes as most of their eye is pupil
-between 5ft 6 and 7ft tall
-2 huge arms with massive reinforced claws for digging
-2 small arms for manipulating (large arms are useless for anything besides digging and as weapons)

Ill do more later including a proper history and explanation of everything
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Tunnlers (mitakya)
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