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 New Server Rules

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PostSubject: New Server Rules   New Server Rules EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 4:17 pm

Ok here are the old rules. Could someone start going through them and simplifying/make them more clear/ get rid of useless ones. Just improve the rules in every way you can think of and word some of them differently to make them easier to understand. Post any changes you think should be done to these rules.

Server Rules

1. It's a roleplay server, you roleplay, or you don't play!

2. Act with a reasonable level of maturity. This means no spamming or trolling and the like.

3. When your character is dead, they are dead. No coming back, no ghosts, just dead. Make a new character and start over. This is a bannable offence.
(NOTE: If you die alone, you can act as if the death never happened, HOWEVER, if you die with a group of people, via them killing you OR as a result of roleplay, you are dead, create a new character.)

4. No Metagaming. This is using OOC (Out of character) information in-game, such as reading someone's backstory on the application and saying they are a lying etc without knowning in-character. (NOTE: On the radio or on local. This is not needed on global.) Add this at the end of your application: I will use ((*)) or brackets to speak in OOC in the local chat if needed or I will get banned!

5. No powergaming. This is the forced roleplay of others, or unrealistic roleplay. For example; *Me hits bob and kills him*. You need to give the other player a chance to react, so do *Attempts to hit bob.* Powergaming also includes forcing someone elses character to do something, I.E sexual intercourse. Do not play god.

6. No use of hacked or modified clients.

7. Stick to the time era. The server is based in a futuristic post-apocalyptic environment. This means, have an appropriate skin which goes along with the era.
(NOTE: Use skins which are relevant to your character. This means don't roleplayer a survivor and use a spiderman skin etc.
ALSO have realistic skins. Do not have creeper skins or glowy eyes etcetera, unless you have a good, valid reason. Oh and if you have a armor skin you can't use armor in game, because you already have one on yourself)

8. If you make signs, make sure they're roleplay-related and believable. DO NOT have OOC or non-roleplay signs. Examples of unallowed signs are ones including smilies, "MY HOUSE LOL", etc.

9. No buildings that are physically impossible to build, i.e. floating buildings, buildings raised high on a single, tiny support column, etc. (NOTE: Any buildings which don't abide by this rule will be removed. Also, be organised -- don't leave random furnaces and furniture in the middle of the wasteland. Also don't build huge estates, castles or forts and the like -- stick to the setting!)

10. Do not read or write, mine, build etc when in your application you stated your character cannot. That is also powergaming. Following this rule creates great town roleplay, so you can start trade circles and pay people to mine for you etcetera.

11. This is survival roleplay server. It should be very intense, and very dangerous. There is no law in the wastes, so danger can be lurking in any corner!

12. Try to put yourself in your characters shoes. Imagine what you would do in his/her situation. Would you talk to that stranger in a lawless abandoned wasteland? Just think logically!

13. If you're breaking in somewhere, don't just smash the door down. It's not very good or believable roleplay! Break a window, roleplay it, it'll be fun! These are the items you can break the roleplay way!
Wooden door (if you' a strong character)
Grass/Dirt/Snow Dirt
Crafting Table
All pads, levers and buttons.
Snow Block
Clay Block

Anything NOT on this list is unbreakable RPly without assistance of an RP tool (such as TNT) Pickaxes cannot be used to enter a home or residence.[/i]

14. Don't ask for items from admins/mods, it's not roleplay!

15. The admins' and DMs' word is law. Don't worry, we will not abuse the power and oust any admin or DM that does!

16. Use the Last Days texture pack. You will find the download link and the instructions on how to download it bellow the rules.

17. Use the names of ores and mobs in game! Like don't say he stole my diamonds! It's called power cells on this server. So say he stole my power cells. You can find all the names of the mobs and ores longer down on the thread. This is very important, It is vital for the roleplay.

18. No racial discrimination or racist remarks.

19. You are not allowed to use omg, wtf, lol ...etc in the local chat or the radio. This is roleplay chat. This is mixing OOC and IC and is also a type of metagaming. Do not do it. So it means your not allowed to use 1337 language!

20. If someone appears with a sword, don't think they're going to kill you and attack. Talk to them! Create roleplay and expand on the situation. It could lead to great fun!

21. If you want to make a new character you have to RP the death of your current Character you can’t just kill yourself. You can do this either by arranging it OOC with other players and the acting it out or by leaving a trail that leads to the sight of your death and place signs describing the events of your death in the form of a journal or a note.
This could explain how your character is sailing out to find new civilization, or perhaps a blood-stained journal with an abrupt ending!

22. You must have a forum account to continue playing on the server.

23. Do not grief, buildings or other-wise. Without a good roleplay reason! No destroying of the of the world landscape.
(NOTE: This includes 1x1 towers AND underground tunnels. These are quite unrealistic and also mess up cities and other player's houses!)

24. if you abandon a building you made, try to damage it somewhat before leaving. This is a good way to simulate abandonment and decay, or to tell a story of something that happened there before you left!

What happens if i break the rules?
1. You will be warned (3)
2. You will be kicked (2)
3. You will be Jailed
4. You will be temp banned
5. You will be banned
6. You will be permanently banned
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New Server Rules
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